Even MORE Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Selena Gomez's 'Hit The Lights' Video

Credit: Getty Images

Selena Gomez is totally like your BFF that has a hard time keeping secrets -- and we love her for it! While her new video for "Hit The Lights" officially drops Nov. 16, the cutie's been divulging fans with little hints of what to expect. Last week, short clips showed her fire dancing with sparklers, while another caught the singer twirling in a massive pile of balloons. Now Selena spills more of the beans with an ultimate behind-the-scenes sneak peek.

While the previous clips tended to be more mysterious, the new sneak is practically a guided tour through every scene. Apparently, Selena is on a mission to dance her life away in virtually any scenario possible -- foggy neighborhoods, cornfields, baseball fields -- and doesn't miss a chance to flaunt adorbz wardrobes along the way. She even offers bits of inspiration with backstory about the song, "It's about encouraging people to let loose, have fun, and be young and crazy." If living by Selena's video mantra means forever doting cute outfits and ending up married to Justin Bieber, consider us devoted followers.

Selena adds that the video's about living in the moment. Judging by the scene of a party thrown in the middle of the woods equipped with sparkly disco balls, we can confidently say that sister's staying true to her words. We'd also like to confidently confess our interest in being on her party invite lists.

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