Taylor Swift Duets With Flo Rida On 'Right Round' (VIDEO)

Credit: Getty Images

At this point, Taylor Swift could literally sing "The Star-Spangled Banner" with President Obama and I wouldn't even be shocked. Girlfriend's got just about THE MOST stacked Rolodex I've ever seen, and it's getting borderline unfair having to talk about it all the time.

I ask you: How do you feel knowing there is a real, live human being in this world (under the age of 25, no less) who has already dueted with Justin Bieber, UsherShawn Colvin, Nelly, Nicki Minaj, Jimmy Eat World, Andy Grammer, Switchfoot and Ellen DeGeneres?! Now add Flo Rida to that list! During her "Speak Now" tour stopover in Miami, Taylor swift brought the "Hangover" singer up on stage to help her cover his smash "Right Round." And of course Taylor nailed it as usual.

Dressed in a sparkly black dress with a gold belt, Taylor seemed a little starstruck like a true Flo fan as she jumped around excitedly watching like a schoolgirl as Flo rapped his verses like a boss. Taylor took over vocal duties for Ke$ha who originally sang the record's hook: "You spin my head right round/Right round/When you go down/When you go down." (And don't even pretend you don't already know the rest of the lyrics by heart, OK?)

Of course, Taylor was so appreciative of Flo's amazing cameo that she did him a solid and got him a bajillion more followers Twitter name-dropped him: "Miami was awesome! Thanks to all the fans who traveled from all over, and to for singing 'right round' with me! Insane night!"

+ Watch Taylor Swift and Flo Rida perform "Right Round."