A TON Of New Rihanna Songs! 'Talk That Talk' Feat. Jay-Z, 'Where Have You Been,' + 'Drunk On Love'

Credit: Getty Images

You know you're an effing boss when you get ultimate boss Jay-Z to make a cameo on your album. The title track off Rihanna's forthcoming Talk That Talk album not only features HOV, but also a hot beat courtesy of super producer Stargate. At first, "Talk That Talk" feels like a chill-out party jam. But once we get a taste of Jay-Z's smoking (and surprisingly humorous) rhymes, it becomes obvious the song was crafted for the club: "Had it by a bladder/She like, 'Oh I gotta pee'/Ran into a rocko in my restroom/Singer slash actress in my bedroom." (Seriously though, what can you do when nature calls?) Ri's vocals are up next, and per usual she proves to have some of the best pipes in the pop game right now: "One and two and a-three and four/Come on, let me know if you want some more/You know what I like/Now get it right/Boy, talk that talk to me all night."

"Where Have You Been" takes a softer approach and serves as the perfect vehicle to showcase Rihanna's powerhouse vocals. Featuring a beat by the producer responsible for most of today's No. 1 hits, Dr. Luke, Ri longs to find her perfect match: "I've been everywhere/Man, looking for someone/Someone who can please me/And love me all night long." 'Kay, I know no less than 10 million dudes who'd like to audition for that role, so let me know.

On The xx-sampled, europop flavored "Drunk On Love," Rihanna admits that she's always been obsessed with that powerful four-letter word: "I feel like I'm a hopeless romantic/I can't help falling in love/I fiend for love/I want it, I crave it/I just can't get enough." After the soft and sweet intro, the beat kicks in and once again reminds us that this album is out for club domination.

Talk That Talk is slated for release Nov. 21.

+ Listen to Rihanna featuring Jay-Z "Talk That Talk," "Where Have You Been" and "Drunk On Love."