Watch Episode 5 of 'The MTV Iggy Show,' Featuring Ladytron

Come along for the ride on week 5's "The MTV Iggy Show," as host Heather Holliday brings us acts that are making waves around the globe. This week we head to South America (Chile to be specific), then fly over to Britain, before coasting to the Conga, by way of Belgium.

First up is Francisca Valenzuela. At the age of 24, she's already a music veteran, having had her music make the Chilean radio rounds when she was just 13. Her debut went gold, and her recent album, Buen Soldado, was No. 3 on Chilean charts. You can check out "Qué Sería" in this episode. "You don't have to speak Spanish to fall in love with Francesca," says Holliday. Sí!

Next we land in Britain to check out Ladytron. The act has been a decade-long staple in the electro world, with their dark synth-dance blend. They've worked with Blondie and Nine Inch Nails, so it's a good bet you've grooved to them before. Their latest album, Ladytron: Gravity The Seducer was No. 1 on iTunes the day of its release. When Holliday asks them what that was like, they joke, "We've always skirted the charts... Have we made it?" We certainly think so. Listen to their single "White Gold."

Our final destination for Episode 5 takes us to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where Belgium-reared Baloji was born. His international upbringing flavors his songs, where he sings and raps in a multitude of languages, including French, Swahili and other African languages. "For me it's pretty special because I'm living in Europe, raised on this American music, but with this European taste for poetry and styling," he reveals. Holliday says, "His flow is French, and his arrangements are mellower than anything you've ever heard in rap." Check out his fresh, smooth "Independence Cha Cha" in Episode 5.

Tune in next week, when "The MTV Iggy Show" takes us to new musical destinations around the world.