Video Premiere: Every Avenue, 'Fall Apart'

Over the summer, Every Avenue was an MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week and we premiered their single "No One But You" from their third LP, Bad Habits. At the time, the Michigan pop-punk band was making rounds on the Vans Warped Tour.

The quintet –- singer David Ryan Strauchman, guitarists Joshua Randall and Jimmie Deeghan, bassist Matt Black and drummer Dennis Wilson -– have had a relatively fast rise since the release of their 2008 debut full-length, Shh...Just Go With It, which garnered them mtvU's The Freshman Award for the song "Where Were You?" And this year's Bad Habits made the Top 10 Billboard Alternative Albums chart. Show-offs.

The video for Every Avenue's "Fall Apart" from Bad Habits finds the group getting introspective about a relationship gone awry. As Strauchman walks through a home and unfurls the verses, art falls off walls and cups break in his wake, mirroring a relationship shattering in real time while the rest of the band plays in another room. Flashes from a trashed hallway are interspersed within the video where a woman drifts in and out of view -- a ghost still haunting "the empty space you left behind" -- as Strauchman sings. It builds to an anthemic chorus, a poignant plea from the tormented left-behind love: "I want you to fall apart like I did, you to hurt for all of this," Strauchman emotively laments. "All the pain you put me through, I wanna hear you say I don't deserve you."

Bad Habits is out now on Fearless Records.

+ Watch Every Avenue's "Fall Apart" video.