Star Spotting: Usher's A Thoughtful Hunk

Credit: Getty Images

We can only begin to imagine what Usher's thinking about. With a loaded career like his, bro probably just needs to find random moments in his crazy schedule to stop and think about all the good in the world -- thanks to him. He's given us countless hits and the best dance moves to rock at wedding receptions. He also introduced us to someone by the name of Justin Bieber. Let's take a sec and think of a world without that fateful discovery. We just... can't.

The "Without You" singer was photographed while in deep thought as he attended a red carpet event for a Las Vegas nightclub recently. Usher performed and hosted the night's soiree with something clearly on his mind. Judging by the content look on his face, he's most likely just counting all the zeros in his bank account. You know those Snoop Dogg lyrics, "Got my mind on my money, my money on my mind?" That's just a baller's way of saying he just received his monthly email. Eff ginkgo biloba -- big numbers are what keep your brain fresh, yo!