Video Premiere: Katy Perry, 'The One That Got Away'

There's basically only one way to describe Katy Perry's video "The One That Got Away," and it's "mother-effing EPIC." OK, that's actually three worlds and a hyphen but I'm feeling really emotionally exhausted after watching and am too tired to revise.

As we suspected, the plot for Katy's "The One That Got Away" consists of multiple flashbacks to a time when Katy and her beau (played by the EXTREME hotness that is Diego Luna) were in love. But, in an a plot twist we totally predicted! unexpected plot twist, Katy Perry actually plays an old woman who reflects back on earlier years and her one true love that got away. During the young Katy flashbacks, we see a happy young couple (also, an insanely gorgeous couple) do disgustingly cute things together like paint, make flirty eyes and participate in hot makeout sessions. But just as you get wrapped up in this moving love story, the video harshly pulls you back to current day where a melancholy Grandma Katy, her face winkled with age, sits on her bed reminiscing about her lost love.

But Grandma Katy's memories aren't always so pleasant -- we also see her flashback to a time where she cries her eyes out as her beau storms out of the house and recklessly drives off into the distance.


Driving very distraught, Diego takes his eyes off the road for 1 second, mistakenly swerves his car off course and tragically plunges it into a ravine. He... doesn't make it! As the video comes to a close, Grandma Katy sheds a tear as she stands at the edge of the very same cliff that took her one true love. Everyone is uncomfortable now!

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