BREAKING Taylor Swift Cat Update! Oh, And Her CMA Acceptance Speech (PHOTO)

Credit: @TaylorSwift13

Taylor Swift won "Entertainer Of The Year" at this year's CMA Awards, and instead of doing what I would do tweeting something braggy like "OMFG I JUST WON THIS AMAZING AWARD! I AM THE BEST PERSON EVAR," Taylor took the classy route and chose to let a picture do all the talking.

After her win, along with a picture of her SO-CUTE-WE-MIGHT-BARF kitten nuzzling up against her arm/acceptance speech, Taylor tweeted: "My thank you's. And my cat. Good night!" If you look closely, you'll see that this scribble is actually a short list of the MOST FAMOUS pop stars ever! Why, do you ask, does Taylor have the names of all these famous people written on her arm? If you missed this year's CMA Awards, then you may not know that Taylor dedicated most of her thank-yous to the many different artists she was lucky enough to sing with while on her "Speak Now" tour. So like, remember that time when we told you Taylor dueted with Usher? And remember that extremely special moment when Taylor and Justin Bieber rocked out to a live duet of his song "Baby"? She had to thank them! Other names written on her arm include Shawn Colvin, Nelly, Nicki Minaj, Jimmy Eat World, Andy Grammer, Switchfoot and of course, Ellen DeGeneres who returned the favor by shouting out Taylor on Twitter yesterday.

So basically, what we've learned today is that Taylor Swift's Rolodex is MAD STACKED, and that she wins both awards and life.