Black Cards Remix Rihanna's 'We Found Love'

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

While Rihanna and Calvin Harris' original version of "We Found Love" already inspired passionate fantasies of me spinning around under twinkles of dance floor strobe lights, the latest remix helmed by the Black Cards (made up of Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz's and Bebe Rexha) has me losing my effing mind. Wentz and crew veer from his punk-pop background for the revamp, and the result dives into a techno-heavy, quick club beat. Now homedude doesn't just sing about dancing; he makes it happen.

The remix remains loyal to the original dubstep roots of "We Found Love," but adds extra flares of electronic elements -- thumping synths swirl while an eerie robotic voice occasionally interchanges with the original Barbadian's vocals. While the less human components hint toward a cooler feel, the Black Cards are able to ignite a sense of warmth by amping up the chorus with a charged beat, and they turn the already idealistic lyrics -- "We found a love in a hopeless place!" -- into the ultimate anthem.

We're DYING for the Nov. 21 release of Rihanna's Talk That Talk to hear what else girl has up her sleeve, but we're down with Black Cards' remix of "We Found Love" holding us over till then. (We're still waiting for the their own album release, too!) We're also thinking a future collabo with RiRi should be in the works. "Rude Fall Out Boy" has a nice ring to it.

+ Listen to Black Cards' remix Rihanna's "We Found Love."