Rihanna's Brother Is A Rapper And He's Not That Bad!

Credit: Idolator

Lately Rihanna's tweets have been hyping her forthcoming album, Talk That Talk, or giving Ryan Seacrest a serious tweet wake-up call. But yesterday Rihanna reached out to her more than 9 million Twitter followers to support her brother and budding rapper Rorrey Fenty, otherwise known by his rap name GQ. She tweeted along with a link to a free download of the song: "Check out my bro GQ - Feel Me (1st Release) - FREE DOWNLOAD!"

Even though we're big Rihanna supporters and want to write a glowing review so she will RT this post support her fam, we're going to judge GQ's record on his own merit. We'll try really hard to ignore the fact that he's the brother of the most bad-ass pop star ever a really pretty famous person.

"Feel Me" is a grimy track that's just dubstep enough to make a statement but still hip-hop enough to be considered part of the genre. GQ's flow isn't as fluid as say, speed demon Busta Rhymes, but we can't deny that GQ flexes his muscles as a wordsmith: “Touché, yeah, I’m witty with my wordplay/Was messing with your girl/Now she really wants some verb play/And I can't even say that she wrong/Just for wanting something/Other chicks been fighting for so long."

We vote "yay" on GQ. With a little practice and maybe some more Twitter endorsements from his famous big sis, a successful solo career doesn't seem far away. Or Rihanna could just give him Jay-Z's verse on her forthcoming album and lil' bro has got it MADE.

+ Listen to Rihanna's brother GQ's "Feel Me."