New Song: Rihanna, 'You Da One'

Credit: Getty Images

With just 10 days left until she finally takes the muzzle off of her ridiculously anticipated sixth studio album, Talk That Talk, Rihanna's decided to bless us all with a brand-new song: her second single, "You Da One."

Just after she's gone and found love in a hopeless place, the "S&M" seductress continues the love affair on her "You Da One," which premiered this morning on "On Air with Ryan Seacrest." The song, produced by hitmaker Dr. Luke (Britney Spears, Ke$ha) and penned by the ever-talented Ester Dean, plays something like a cross between Rihanna's Rated R smash "Rude Boy" and Loud's "Man Down" with its fresh, island-influenced vibe and a thick, throbbing midtempo beat that only the good Doctor can provide.

"Yes, I'm kind of crazy/That's what happens, baby/When you put it down, you shouldn't have given it to me good like that," Ri swoon-ily sings. Woof! A little bit sweet, a little bit seductive -- as only the Bajan beauty can serve on the regular. Just when the giving's getting real good, hang tight for the song's mayjah middle eight, as RiRi gets squeezed between a killer dubstep-to-death breakdown, not unlike the ex-sexin' jam Dr. Luke crafted for Britney's Femme Fatale cut, "Inside Out."

Big surprise, "You Da One" is yet another smash hit for the Bajan pop princess! And judging by the Talk That Talk reviews pouring in, it sounds like we're in for a whole lot more very soon. Nov. 21 CANNOT come soon enough.

+ Listen to Rihanna's "You Da One."