Noel Gallagher Talks Neutered Cats, Twitter + New Music On VH1's 'Big Morning Buzz Live'

Credit: Getty ImagesNoel Gallagher and I have a lot in common. He has a younger sibling, Liam. They both sang together in Oasis. I also have a younger sister and we've sung together (but the taped proof of that was destroyed like I asked, right, Mom?). He has a cat, and I've had cats. My sister and I've had big fights. Noel and Liam? They've had epic ones. Noel plays and has written amazing songs on the guitar, and I, um, own a guitar. Oh, and we shared a convo a while back, too.

I mean, other than Noel's big hits and gazillions of records sold, really, we're like twins. OK, maybe not so much, but in his interview with Jim Shearer on VH1's "Big Morning Buzz Live," Noel's so down-to-earth and funny that it's hard not to believe he's just like one of us (you know, minus the star status and musical talent). He talks about why his new project's called "Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds" ("I didn't think my name was glamorous enough"), the "making of" documentary for his debut eponymous album (he jokes how he wished he would "shut up" when he watched it), and his cat, who was recently neutered. When Shearer asks what Noel does when hanging with his cat, Noel responds, "At the minute, we mourn his testicles." Noel also reveals that "life is too short" to tweet. Though he says if he tweeted, "I would probably be THE BEST tweeter of all time." You got us there, Noel.

+ Watch Noel Gallagher on VH1's "Big Morning Buzz Live."

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