New Song: Brandy, 'Silent Night'

Credit: Getty Images

I knew Brandy and I were soul sisters ever since she had a total face-off with Monica in "The Boy Is Mine." I was having an intense middle school boy crisis at the time and really identified with Brandy's desire to scare the crap out of Monica pain.

It's been a while since Brandy's tiff with Monica so you can imagine my excitement to learn of the existence of a brand-new Brandy tune! Cowritten by Rihanna's "Cheers (Drink To That)" songsmith Corey "Chorus" Gibson Brandy's new tune is called "Silent Night," and no, it's not an attempt to dethrone Justin Bieber's "Under The Mistletoe" from the Billboard Hot 200 a Christmas cover, but rather a much-needed dose of classic R&B goodness. In her gorgeous and rich tone, Brandy sings of a love turned sour: "It was a silent night/Another lonely night/I can’t believe you left me." UHH pause--I'm confused about what kind of real-life male with normal blood pumping through his veins is gonna up and leave Brandy? Girl has some mad pipes and she also basically looks like a model is really pretty. Brandy goes on to sing of even more pain this total DB has caused her: "Tell me where did we go wrong/Is there a bigger picture/That my eyes didn't capture?"

Even though Brandy is singing of heartache, it seems she's no longer down in the dumps. The singer recently tweeted: "Now y'all know I don't toot my own horn, but a b**** SLAYED "silent night" #cockymoment !! Lol." Good for you, girl. Turning that pain into a hit record is the best revenge you could ever get.

+ Listen to Brandy, "Silent Night."