New Found Glory On Their Favorite NFG Songs, Dream Collabos And Tom Hanks (Seriously)

Who doesn't love New Found Glory, honestly? These guys are the most chill bros ever -- I know because I just interviewed them! The "Radiosurgery" band recently stopped by MTV to chat about the stuff that YOU wrote in and asked them! And, um, you guys are great interviewers. Nice work! But don't get me fired, kthx.

In our first exclusive video clip, New Found Glory reveal their deepest secrets. For example, they want Beyoncé to cover the 2002 hit "My Friends Over You." Frontman Jordan Pudnik even gives us a little impression of what that might sound like. No offense, Jordan, but I think Bey would actually SLAY that song. The guys also let us in on what song they love that they wish they wrote themselves. Freudian ish, y'all.

In our second video, NFG get a little emo when they let us in on which New Found Glory song is most meaningful for them to play. Guitarist Chad Gilbert tells us, "'Truck Stop Blues.' Well, the chorus says, 'I'll never let this go/I'm in a different state every night...' The biggest sacrifice for us is having to leave our loved ones at home and when we play that song, I feel those lyrics the most." On the count of three (1, 2, 3): AWWWWW! The dudes also open up about their favorite songs on their latest album Radiosurgery, and who's made them super starstruck. (Seriously hilarious story. Watch!)

+ Watch New Found Glory's Q&A Part I and Part II, and check out their exclusive acoustic performance of "Radiosurgery" after the jump.