New Song: Drake Featuring The Weeknd, 'The Ride'

Credit: Getty Images

We shed a brief tear for Drake and his fully leaked album when we told you about his collaboration with Rihanna called "Take Care." We could still pretend to be sad on Drake's behalf, but we're kinda too busy obsessing over the dopeness of his new track featuring The Weeknd, "The Ride."

Backed by a slow and sultry beat that features The Weeknd's panty-dropping vocals light and airy falsetto, Drake uses "The Ride" to rhyme about the intricacies of fame: "You wont feel me till everybody say they love you/But it's not love.../But you're ordered to forget about a game that you're on top of/Your famous girlfriend's ass/Getting thicker than your plot does/And when you forget it/That's when she pops up."

Though The Weeknd doesn't really have a clear verse, his supersweet harmonies pervade the entire track giving the record a lush and warm feel. On his "The Ride" collaborator, Drake has admitted: "He's not signed right now. He's just doing his own thing. He's in the city. He still hasn't left. He's never been on a plane before... He's just a good Toronto kid that's one of the most talented people I've ever come across."

We are totally into that, Drake! Supporting peeps from your hometown is a great way to give back. Wondering if maybe you, Justin Bieber and The Weeknd should all hop on one track and call it "I Love Canada-Land" and sing sweetly about hockey and maple syrup or something? Just a suggestion, no royalties needed.

+ Listen to Drake featuring The Weeknd, "The Ride."