R. Kelly Wrote A VERY LITERAL Song About His Throat Surgery And It's The Best Ever

Credit: Getty Images

Calling R. Kelly "one of a kind" is a sincere understatement. Guys, we're talking about the man that basically invented the hip hopera (see: the masterpiece "Trapped In The Closet" -- each and every 22nd part of it). So no one should be surprised that after his emergency throat surgery this summer, Kels would come back triumphant... and write a play-by-play about the whole experience.

R. (or "Robert" as I call him) tweeted early this morning, "It's been a long time coming, but I finally feel a lot better about my throat since the surgery, and this is the first song I wrote," followed with "Enjoy!" and a link to a new song. The down-tempo track, which we think is called "Shut Up," is not only about recovering from surgery, but also haters. Because damn, haters even hate when you have surgery. Or maybe especially when you have surgery.

In his patented sing/speak cadence, R. rhymes about his trials and tribulations of his medical emergency. "Now that I've got my voice back let me start out by saying that/I appreciate the fans around the world that had my back..." He also makes sure to address all the people doubting him after they... found out his health was in danger? "People said that I was done/Said there was no way this time he's gonna overcome."

I don't know who these rude-ass people are who were hating on R. Kelly after he was faced with a medical issue, but we're hoping they take his advice and shut up. Also, this is my new favorite song of all time.

+ Listen to R. Kelly's "Shut Up."