POSTED: Kelly Clarkson Dishes On Broadway And Lady Gaga

Last week we gratuitously introduced Kelly Clarkson as the POSTED artist for the month of November, and the goodies keep coming. It looks like this week's theme is all about what the future could have in store. Kelly discusses one of her dream projects and even drops a couple names of who she'd love to record with someday. Meanwhile, we make your dreams come true with all new videos and photos of the "Mr. Know It All" singer! Everyone wins!

Up first, Kelly dishes about heading to Broadway... someday. "I probably won't [be on Broadway] any time soon, but I do want to do a show. And I'd like to do something fresh, something that hasn't been out." She adds, "I'd love to do a revival of something like 'Funny Girl.' I love Barbara Streisand or anything from Bette Midler." Babs, Bette and Kelly. Legend status.

In another clip, Kelly imagines a possible collabo with Lady Gaga. While she realizes that she and Mother Monster have somewhat different styles, their passion for music makes them a lot alike. She comfortably admits that if a cool song came along, she'd totally be down to working with her. If and when this happens, we will seriously explode. In a good way.

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