Star Spotting: Shakira's Hollywood Star Don't Lie

Credit: Getty Images

Finally! Hollywood has recognized the cultural impact Shakira has made on the world! If it wasn't for the effing GORGEOUS singer, peeps would still be trying to figure out how to properly gyrate their bodies without looking like they're having a seizure. Sure, Beyonce's done her share to motivate the bootylicious movement, but Shakira's mastered the art of ensuring peoples' hips don't lie -- very different and important musical revolutions, guys. #TheMoreYouKnow

The "She Wolf" singer and very first Colombian artist to be recognized with a star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame was photographed in all smiles. The normally sultry bombshell opted for a less exposed midriff (womp, womp) and instead sported a very conservative black-and-white suit. We can't blame her for not wanting to show too much skin -- it can get chilly in L.A.! Plus, didn't your parents teach you that it's impolite to throw your drop-dead, FLAWLESS body in the face of others when being honored with a coveted award? In certain professional environments, it's just classier to leave people guessing what's underneath your clothes. (Ba-dum ching.)