10 Things To Know Now: Kelly Rowland's $5K Baby Gift, R. Kelly's Book Title + Quiet Ryan Gosling

Credit: Getty Images

1.) Wondering what to bring to Beyonce's baby shower? (We're still waiting for our invite, too.) Scratch off that $5,200 baby bathtub covered in 44,928 imported Swarovski pink crystals -- Aunt Kelly Rowland already called it. (HollyBaby)

2.) Stuffed toys better watch their necks. (We're looking at you, Kermit!) Nicki Minaj is bringing back cozy stuffed animal dresses, and with winter fast approaching it's not a bad idea. (MTV Style)

3.) Jessica Simpson and beau Eric Johnson are holding off on their wedding until the little bundle of joy arrives so Jess can avoid being a "hormonal bridezilla." Anyone who's ever been in a wedding, golf clap with gratitude. (Celebuzz)

4.) Jamie Lynn Spears stepped out of the spotlight for a bit, but girl's back and following the footsteps of her big sis with her own music! We smell a future collabo, y'all! (TheFABlife)

5.) Speaking of big sis Britney Spears, catch the singer's EPIX Femme Fatale concert special, airing Nov. 12. (Us magazine)

6.) With Fergie taking a permanent breather from Black Eyed Peas, there's plenty of chatter about who's taking her place? Hey, wait! How about Jamie Lynn Spears? (Entertainment Weekly)

7.) A collage of non-speaking movie scenes with Ryan Gosling is worth a thousand words -- most of those words include: hot, hunk, stud, gorgeous, marry me... (Hollywood Crush)

8.) Hip-hop newcomer Cher Lloyd chats about her upcoming album Sticks + Stones. Warning: Becoming hypnotized by her adorbz British accent may occur. (ONTD)

9.) The people have spoken, and they believe Katy Perry, Beyonce, smf Lady Gaga should win People's Choice Awards. Now, if only the people had a say on what Gaga should wear to the awards... (MTV News)

10.) The title of R. Kelly's upcoming memoir is "Soula Coaster: The Diary Of Me." One more time: SOULA COASTER. #RKellyFTW (BuzzFeed)