Star Spotting: Is Ke$ha Wearing High Fashion Or Pajamas?

Credit: Getty Images

What does someone have to do to get an exclusive invite these days? Sorry I don't have any "hit records," but I think my charm and wit would liven up any party. Anyway, Ke$ha was spotted at what seemed like THE PARTY OF THE CENTURY (slight exaggeration) last night -- the Versace for H&M fashion event in New York. And seriously, people, everyone was there: Models! Actors and actresses! Freakin' Debbie Harry! And Prince performed! I warmed up some leftover chicken and put my laundry away last night. That's kind of like seeing Prince live, right?

The thing we love so much about Ke$ha is all the f***s she does not give. "Exclusive fashion event for a world renowned designer? Imma go with this silk leopard jumpsuit, reminiscent of a 1970s adult film," she probably thought. Besides looking like a mob wife, the other great thing about wearing a VERY Versace silk jumpsuit in public is that you're basically in a socially acceptable version of a Forever Lazy. This is an epic win by all accounts.