Star Spotting: Kelly Clarkson Strikes A (Hilarious) Pose

Credit: Splash News

It's no surprise that we think Kelly Clarkson's the cat's pajamas -- she's MTV's Posted artist for November! But putting that music stuff aside, we also think she'd make one awesome BFF. She's supersweet in interviews and would completely DOMINATE at karaoke parties. You know she's always got your back when a BF/GF breaks your heart. Have you seen how she trashes that ex-boo's apartment in "Since U Been Gone"? Girl ain't playing.

If we need one more reason to adore the "Mr. Know It All" singer, it's because she can pose like a pro. Kelly left a television studio in London recently and was bombarded by paparazzi (obvs). While most celebs take the infamous "you're not here" angle, Kelly opts to define "cute on the spot" by striking a goofy-ass pose. She's seriously like, the most fun ever. Unless you piss her off -- then hide yo kids.

But Kelly will probably never even read how much we love her because she doesn't read any press about herself! We get it; some people can be hella rude, but you're missing the opportunity to be our bestie, girl.