J. Lo's 'Jenny From The Block' Video Gets A Pop Up Video


GOD BLESS "Pop Up Video" for reminding the world that "Bennifer" did exist and was at one time, in the midst of a severe hormonal PDA blackout, a thriving and healthy couple.

Jennifer Lopez's INCREDIBLE "Jenny From The Block" video not only featured some serious Bennifer face-sucking, but who could possibly forget all those gratuitous J.Lo butt shots! Then again, if my butt looked that hot in a tiny pink bikini and/or a slinky purple one-piece, I'd probably be guilty of showing it off all the time too.

Thanks to the pop-culture know-it-alls over at VH1's "Pop Up Video" we've now also learned that during a trip to Monaco, the ex-Mrs. Noa/Judd/Anthony required a private speedboat, an on-call masseuse, a helicopter on standby, and diamond-encrusted headphones available for use at all times (really???). We also got word that the "street performance" scene in the video was actually performed in front of real, live normal L.A. pedestrians further enunciating the fact that we definitely shouldn't be fooled by the rocks that she's got, cause J. Lo's still Jenny from the block/can totally tolerate the presence of ordinary humans.

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