New Song: Gym Class Heroes Featuring Ryan Tedder, 'The Fighter'

Credit: Getty Images

Gym Class Heroes haven't even released their forthcoming The Papercut Chronicles II album, but their first single “Stereo Hearts" has already sold 1 million copies! Not too shabby for an album that DOESN'T EVEN EXIST YET!

GCH's new song "The Fighter" features OneRepublic frontman and consummate songwriter-producer Ryan Tedder. The song begins with bright synths, and its sweeping uplifting vibe kind of makes you think that you're about to hear a Coldplay or David Guetta song. Instead of hot chicks and partying, Travie McCoy rhymes about hardship and how you gotta keep your head up no matter what: "Every time you fall/It's only making your chin strong.../If you fall, pick yourself up off the floor/And when your bones can’t take no more/Just remember what you’re here for." I'm super into that mantra right now, guys.

Ryan Tedder sings the hook and supports Travie's crusade to carpe diem: "Give 'em hell/Turn their heads/Gonna live life till we're dead/Give me scars/Give me pain.../There goes the fighter!/Here comes the fighter!" I'm really hoping they decide to make a video for this song -- the way I see it, Travie and Ryan end up in a boxing ring wearing those shiny satin boxing outfits. They're dripping sweat, and fake blood is flying everywhere as each dude retreats to their corner to have water spritzed in their mouth and their cuts sewn up. This might only work for my own personal fantasy, not sure.

The Papercut Chronicles II is out Nov. 15.

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