Video Preview: Selena Gomez, 'Hit The Lights'

Credit: Getty Images

Selena Gomez not only got peeps fired up with her hosting talents at the 2011 MTV EMA in Belfast, Northern Ireland, this past weekend, but she also dominated the spotlight during her performance of "Hit The Lights." Judging by the seriously sequined outfit the singer wore during her live performance and the latest video teaser for the single, we're starting to think girl's addicted to shiny things. We may need to intervene -- it's a real obsession, y'all! Besides, Ke$ha's already called dibs on the sparkle scene.

A 15-second teaser of Selena's upcoming video "Hit The Lights" features shots of the singer twirling lit sparklers to the single's pop-dance beat. But the somewhat cryptic clip leaves fans guessing what the full video will entail on its Nov. 16 release. Perhaps all those long hours on the road during her tour introduced a new hobby -- fire dancing! Sure, making friendship bracelets for BF Justin Bieber may safely pass those lonely hours, but nothing impresses your boy toy more than returning home with an incredibly dangerous skill up your sleeve. We made that up read that somewhere.

+ Watch Selena Gomez's "Hit The Lights" video preview, and catch her 2011 MTV EMA performance of "Hit The Lights" below!