We HAVE To Say Something About Jared Leto's Hair At The MTV EMA

Credit: Getty Images

Look, you and I both know that even if Jared Leto was covered in mud and dressed in a dirty potato sack, he'd still be THE HOTTEST MALE EVER. However, I am curious: WTH was happening north of his forehead at the 2011 MTV EMA?

From the forehead down, everything was in place. Jared's hot face was still his hot face, his impeccable style shone through via his sexy blue suit, and he was all "God bless the U.S.A." as he stood in militaristic salute. His hair, on the other hand was not as fortunate. No offense, but instead of his usual impeccably coiffed locks, it kinda, sorta looked like Jared lost a knockdown, drag-out fight with a Flowbee. This mullet (as he described it on Twitter) makes us miss the mohawk.

A few theories we've tossed around: Maybe Jared was off doing something so rock star that he simply forgot to have his hair done. Or possibly he was just in bed hanging out with some supermodel and thought it would be cool to sport the bed head look. Or maybe he was in the middle of composing a really tormenting song with the rest of Thirty Seconds To Mars and he decided to stay in "character" from the writing session.

Whatever the case may be, Jared, we want you to know that this one-off hair flop does not in any way diminish our massive crush on you. Actually, I'm even starting to like this look. SEE WHAT YOU DO TO US?!

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