New Song: Paramore, 'Hello Cold World'

If there were a college that taught a mandatory course in writing the perfect pop-punk song (and there certainly should be), every member of Paramore would be tenured professors there. Their latest, "Hello Cold World" is the second new song set to premiere on the band's Singles Bar, and we've had it on repeat the entire day. Join us!

Even though the band is unfortunately done with live shows for the remainder of the year, Paramore knows how to keep fans interested -- by releasing REALLY GOOD new music in the meantime. Last month they introduced us to the biting rock track "Renegade," and today we got our hands on "Hello Cold World," a driving pop track about that weird time when you're no longer a kid but you're not yet allowed to legally rent a car in the continental United States. Hayley Williams sings: "22 is like the worst idea that I have ever had/It's too much pain, it's too much freedom, what should I do with this?/It's not the way you planned it/It's how you make it happen." Girl, we feel you so hard.

No word on if any of the three new songs from Paramore will be featured on a new album, but we don't really care. I will probably literally force my neighbors to move because of this song, and no neighbors are the best neighbors.

+ Listen to Paramore, "Hello Cold World."