2011 TeenNick HALO Awards Highlights: Lady Gaga And Taylor Swift Personally Surprise Winners!

Credit: Getty Images

Last night's 2011 TeenNick HALO Awards packed a whole lot of goodness under one roof. Highlights not only included celebrating inspirational teens that devote their spare time to charities and good causes, but also gathered celebs like Lady Gaga, Mary J. Blige, and Nick Cannon to honor the winners! This ain't some honor roll ceremony in your school cafeteria, y'all!

If the thought of being in the same room with Lady Gaga makes you hyperventilate, imagine what WeStopHate.org award honoree Emily-Anne Rigal was thinking when Mother Monster greeted her backstage after a live show and offered two VIP tickets to the HALO Awards. A clip shows the pair hugging out their excitement and striking a paws-up pose (and our lil' ol' blog got a shout out -- HOLLAAA.)

Taylor Swift got a chance to sneak away from her adorable kitten to deliver HALO winner James O' Dwyer his VIP tickets after one of her concerts. James was honored for starting Magnolia Disaster Relief, a group that helps tornado victims. We just can't tell what's cuter: How giddy Taylor gets when she gives him the tickets or how adorbz starstruck James seems to be at the "Sparks Fly" singer. You know that old saying that we just made up: Nice guys may finish last, but at least they get to hang out with Taylor Swift.

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