New Song: Far East Movement Featuring Rye Rye, 'Jello'

Credit: Getty Images

Last year the entire universe went effing nuts for Far East Movement's infectious club banger "Like A G6," and we have a sneaking suspicion that FEM's new song "Jello" featuring Rye Rye will induce the same effect. Slated to appear on their forthcoming album, Dirty Bass, the FEM boys stick closely to what they're best at: making INSANELY catchy music.

"Jello" is set to a hypnotic, synth-laden track, which serves as the perfect backdrop for Far East Movement's unique brand of rhymes: "We downtown L.A., ghetto/She got an ass on her, pillow/Girl shake that A, Jello.../Now we at the bar, granola/Hit the Henny with the Cherrytree cola."

Most of you are probably thinking that in this case "Jello" refers to the colorful, gelatinous and oftentimes nauseating questionable snack item. HOWEVER, we'd like to offer an alternative definition: The Far East Movement boys are probably using the word jello to reference a derriere. A rump. A badonkadonk. Junk in the trunk, etc. But in Rye Rye's case, we actually think that "Jello" may refer to her beverage of choice because she repeats this phrase about 96 million times: "Pour it out/Tip it up/Keep that drink up in my cup."

Club jams and double entendres. Thanks again, Far East Movement!

+ Listen to Far East Movement featuring Rye Rye, "Jello."