Nicki Minaj And Willow Smith Are Basically Sisters (PHOTO)


We were hoping and praying that Nicki Minaj and Willow Smith would shoot a video for their infectious collabo jam "Fireball" because DUH, Willow and Nicki in the same video = movie magic! And yesssss, it turns out they are! Yesterday along with confirmation that there will be a video, Nicki Minaj posted just about the cutest makeshift family portrait ever! Standing with Will, Willow and the rest of the Smith clan, Nicki tweeted: "I'm the newest member of the family! Lmaoooooo. How cute are they barbz???? Willow goin ham in the video."

If we were body language experts, we'd venture a claim that the entire Smith family would actually make this adoption official if they could. Will's smile is huge while Jada's grin is fierce, and Jaden's just along for the ride. Willow is all smiles and hopefully super toasty in the largest fur-lined down jacket we've ever seen. They're all "Merry Christmas from the Minaj-Smith Fam!"

Official body language reading or not, it's obvious that Nicki Minaj and Willow Smith are practically sisters. I wonder if they've got room for a sweet, genuine, super tall, brown-haired Jewish girl? Let me know, guys! (But no seriously, my parents are kicking me out at the end of the month.)