New Song: Drake Featuring Rihanna, 'Take Care'

Credit: Getty Images

Sadly, Drake's forthcoming Take Care album has already leaked online before it's official Nov. 15 release date. But happily (for us), that means we get to hear "Take Care," the album's title track and a blazing Drake and Rihanna collabo.

"Take Care"'s underlying track was developed around a sample of Jamie xx’s remix of Gil Scott Heron’s “I’ll Take Care Of U." Vocally, the song maintains a quiet and subdued vibe as opposed to the loud and booming vocals of Rihanna's "Only Girl (In The World)." Her voice is subtle and unadorned as she explains to Drake that she knows he needs a little extra TLC: "I know you've been hurt/By someone else/I can tell by the way/You carry yourself/If you let me/Here's what I'll do/I'll take care of you." You are such a doll, Ri.

Drake, in his sing-speak style, tells Rihanna it's OK to be promiscuous let loose sometimes: "I've asked about you/And they told me things but/My mind didn't change and/I still feel the same/What's a life without fun/Please don't be so ashamed/I've had mine/You've had yours/We both know." Let me get this straight -- are they actually accepting each other's faults? Ri is telling Drake not to be sad because she'll help him through the tough times, and Drake is telling Rihanna not to feel bad about her potentially wild past? Healthy couple alert! Love that posi energy, guys!

+ Listen to Drake featuring Rihanna, "Take Care."