And Here Is A Signed Lady Gaga Urinal, Available For A Cool $460K (PHOTO)

Credit: Getty Images

After years of being subjected to Lady Gaga's surprises, we thought we were shockproof at this point. We're talking about a woman that wears hair as an outfit and brought a live sheep to a television interview. But Gaga's done it again -- Mother Monster has autographed a urinal and got it dubbed as "art." The thing is on sale for $460,000. Annnnnd now we can (uncomfortably) say we've seen it all (until next week, probs).

The "Yoü and I" singer used the piece (as a prop, not actually used) in her famed Vogue Hommes Japan photo shoot (aka the first time we caught a glimpse of Gaga as Jo Calderone). Gaga later donated the accessory to fashion website SHOWstudio but not before signing it: "I'm not a f***ing Duchamp, but I love pissing with you." What a potty mouth! For those of you who don't know, artist Marcel Duchamp shocked the art world when he submitted his work "Fountain" to an art show in 1917. It was a urinal. Yay, history!

If coughing up a mere half a million dollars for a signed bathroom accessory by Gaga seems like NBD, then I'd like to make you an offer of my own -- can we be friends? I'm just as an incredible investment as signed toilets! Of course, by "investment" I mean we can go shopping and you can pay.

Credit: SHOWstudio