Video Preview: Katy Perry, 'The One That Got Away'

Credit: @katyperry

Katy Perry's already released a whopping FIVE singles off her smash Teenage Dream album, and she's not stopping there. "The One That Got Away" will be Katy's sixth single, and if it goes to No. 1, she will have BROKEN MICHAEL JACKSON'S RECORD. No pressure or anything.

All Katy Perry singles come with incredible videos, and from what we can tell from the preview, "The One That Got Away" will not disappoint. The clip begins with a seriously melodramatic voice-over: "The past is like a handful of dust/It filters through your fingers/Disappearing little by little." We see flashbacks to Katy's tumultuous relationship with the one that got away -- we're privy to the good times as the duo dances together by candlelight, and the bad as the couple gets into some major confrontations. Katy's musician beau (played by Diego Luna) grabs his guitar and storms out of the house, and the whole thing reminds us a lot of Rihanna's "We Found Love" video.

In an interesting plot twist, though, the preview also features Katy in old-woman makeup, which leads us to believe that she'll assume the role of "Grandma Perry" remembering back to her one love that got away when she was young. The clip comes to a close but not before we're treated to some more emo narration: "In another life, I would do things differently." Mad dramz ahead, guys.

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