Rihanna Rides The Train, Pretends To Be Normal In Behind-The-Scenes 'Talk That Talk' Webisode (VIDEO)

Credit: Getty Images

Rihanna's always been one to get down with "the people." Sure, she's a mega celeb with private jets and potential model boyfriends, but she also likes to do regular people things like ride the tube in London. Yep, Rihanna opted to take public transportation, y'all. What a doll.

In her latest "Countdown To Talk That Talk" behind-the-scenes webisode, Rihanna decides to hop on the tube to get to her own show at London's famed O2 Arena. Girlfriend is performing there a whopping 10 times, and instead of doing what I would do taking a private limo, Ri trudges over to the arena like the rest of us. Of course, she is surrounded by bodyguards and looks like a supermodel, but we'll call that "normal" for the sake of clarity.

A super excited Rihanna walks to the train and explains, "I'm going to the show with the audience. They have no idea! I'm just gonna chill out and not make a scene." While on the train, the "We Found Love" singer meets some supercute mega fans who are also riding the tube to get to her show. She poses for some pics, laughs with the girls for a bit and hops off the train just like any other Londoner. Well, except for the fact that the other Londoners probably paid a pretty penny to see the girl who just rode the train with them perform at a famous London arena while Rihanna will be whisked off to hair and makeup, NBD. Stars, they're just like us!

+ Watch Rihanna ride the train in her latest "Countdown To Talk That Talk" behind-the-scenes webisode.