Taylor Swift Got A Cat And We Want To Eat Her Whole Face (In A Cute Way) (PHOTO)

Credit: @taylorswift13

We've been on the Taylor Swift train ever since it pulled out of the station. Not only is homegirl talented as a muth, but she's also sweet as pie. (No seriously, I've met her. Sweetest girl EVER.) Just when we thought T. Swizzle couldn't get any harder/better/faster/stronger, she's gone and got herself THE CUTEST KITTY ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. No, fur real. LOOK AT IT.

The "Fearless" singer tweeted yesterday, "Hanging out with my new roommate, Meredith," along with this too-cute-to-handle photo, and we basically lost our minds. You guys know how we feel about cats. (We gave them their own tag on our blog. That means business.) Not only is she a Scottish Fold (cutest cats on earth, IMHO), but she named her Meredith. I thought I was killing the hilarious "naming cats human names" game with my kitties Steve and Lou, but she upped the ante, per usual.

Cat enthusiast and gal pal Katy Perry couldn't handle the adorableness either. She tweeted back at Taylor, "OH MY GOSH. Is this kitty for real?!?!" Our thoughts exactly!