Star Spotting: Pregnant Beyonce Laughs In The Face Of Maternity Clothes

Credit: Pacific Coast News

Um, who's pregnant? Because according to this photo, not Beyoncé. Before you guys start in on the hate mail, relax. We're not saying that she's faking it (because that is seriously the most ludicrous thing ever), we're just saying in what universe does this a pregnant person make? OK, so maybe the white tunic is a little A Pea In A Pod-y, but tight black pants and boots with the fur? Seriously call me the next time you see a pregnant lady wearing boots with the fur.

Beyoncé was spotted leaving an office building in Manhattan yesterday looking as smiley and put together as always. Obviously she was leaving an office building -- that means she was doing even more work, guys. The woman will not stop! I don't know how many times I need to reiterate the amount of time I spend daydreaming about the day I'll be pregnant and the lavish hours I'll spend in fresh-out-the-drier sweatpants eating Funyuns. But alas, maybe that's why Beyoncé's a bajillionaire and I'm not -- doin' work erryday.