Video Premiere: Drive A, 'The World In Shambles'

Drive A's "The World In Shambles" video truly could not have premiered at a more opportune time -- on the heels of the DEVASTATING news that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' marriage lasted just a smidge longer than "The Playboy Club" (RIP), just after the end of season 4 of the "Jersey Shore," and just WEEKS before the premiere of "Breaking Dawn," the L.A. pop-punk foursome harvests almost every bumper crop in the fecund garden that is the pop culture zeitgeist for their "The World In Shambles" video.

Drive A pairs their unstoppably infectious match-in-a-gas-tank hooks with cheeky spoofs of "Glee," pretty much any "talent"-based elimination show and Snook-alike characters (arrived at by some casual cross-dressing) in a parodic free-for-all featuring Drive A fans as extras. True to the spirit of classic pop-punk videos like blink-182's "First Date," hijinks, hilarity and terrible wigs ensue.

"The World In Shambles" is from their album of the same name, which succeeds 2009's Loss Of Desire, Drive A.

+ Watch Drive A's "The World In Shambles" video, and don't miss the band on their "Let's Get Wrecked" tour.