Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Leaves His Mark, Permanently

Credit: Splash News

Justin Bieber's already proven he's an artistic prodigy based on the fact that he launched his music career at a the ripe age of 12. It also doesn't hurt that he can drop a freestyle rap like he's being quizzed on the alphabet. But we've all been straight-up played by assuming that his only talent includes making girls scream at insane decibels carrying a sweet tune -- he's also a tattoo artist! OK, joke's on us (no seriously, we were fooled). This tattoo artist is only a Justin look-alike. Nice try, bro.

An incredibly devoted fan got Bieber's "Baby" lyrics tattooed on her thigh in order to win a contest to prove she's his ultimate fan. Welp, girl's done good because she gets to attend the 2011 MTV EMAs in Ireland this weekend where THE REAL Bieber will be performing. Eh, not too bad of a prize after getting lyrics inked into your skin FOREVER AND EVER. No judgment, we're just thinking this girl didn't go far enough -- everyone knows the latest fad is getting Bieb's entire face etched in to your body. And think about how great a Justin Bieber face tattoo looks when you're 60.