New Song: Lady Gaga, 'Marry The Night (The Weeknd x Illangelo Remix)'

I'm from the school of thought that indie-R&B internet fave The Weeknd should remix every song that is ever released. I'm also from the school of thought that Lady Gaga can do no wrong. So imagine how I felt when I heard The Weeknd's remix of Lady Gaga's new single, "Marry The Night." Wait, no need -- listen for yourself.

Producer Illangelo summoned his protégé The Weeknd to do what he does best to Lady Gaga's "girl's night out" anthem -- he made it makeout appropriate. The stripped-down, almost unrecognizable redux of the song contains The Weeknd's signature breathy "aahs" and "oohs" over a stark electronic backing track. The result is futuristic and ethereal, and leaves very little room for dancing (unless you're like, into "modern dance"). CliffsNotes breakdown: Play Gaga's original when you're doing your makeup before you hit the town, and play The Weeknd's remix when you get home and... fill in the blank.

"Marry The Night (The Weeknd x Illangelo Remix)" will be featured on Lady Gaga's upcoming remix album, Born This Way - The Remix, out Nov. 21.

+ Listen to The Weeknd and Illangelo's remix of Lady Gaga's "Marry The Night."