Karmin Interview: The UH-DORABLE Duo Talk Kanye, Famous Twitter Followers

Credit: Gregg Delman/MTV

We know, calling pop duo and IRL BF/GF Karmin "adorable" is kind of like calling Beyoncé "fierce" or salt and vinegar chips "the best food product ever created" -- everyone already knows that. But who cares, we're going to do it anyway! YouTube cover stars Amy and Nick recently released their debut original single "Crash Your Party," and they have an album on the way. The couple sat down with us to answer pressing questions (like which famous people follow them on Twitter), and we have their answers on video!

Up first, everyone's favorite "white girl that can rap" (Amy, guys, not Nick) let us in on some of her biggest hip-hop inspirations: "Lauryn Hill... Hearing her Miseducation [Of Lauryn Hill] album basically changed my life and kind of got me into rapping." They also let us in on their dream collaborators. Hint: Their name sounds a lot like... Kanye West.

Next, Karmin discuss artists that they won't dare to cover, which comes as a surprise to Nick. "Wait, really? You won't cover Whitney Houston?" I guess that smashes your "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" dreams, Nick. But what your girl says goes. Always. And forever. Never forget that. Ever.

+ Watch more from Karmin below, including info on their upcoming album and how they felt when Justin Bieber started following them on Twitter!

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