POSTED: Kelly Clarkson On Her Favorite 'Stronger' Song And Being A Perfectionist

Goddess extraordinaire Kelly Clarkson is MTV's POSTED artist for the month of November! Just when you thought all you had to look forward to was the countdown till Turkey Day, we upped the ante with an all-you-can-watch video buffet featuring the "Mr. Know It All" singer chatting about all kinds of goodies -- her new album Stronger, her live performances, lessons she's learned through the years and more. Let's all give thanks!

Up first, Kelly gives us the scoop on her favorite song from Stronger. While we imagine making a choice like this would be as difficult as picking a favorite offspring, Kelly confidently admits it's "You Love Me" and offers an endearing explanation why. We like a girl that doesn't bat an eye when making such tough decisions.

In another clip, Kelly dishes out what she's learned through the years, and what advice she'd offer her younger self if she could go back to the beginning of her career: "I was very much a perfectionist -- and I fight that still -- but I'm a lot easier on that now. I wish I could tell myself to enjoy it because an emotional performance is way better than the perfect performance." That's probably a lot easier to say when you're ALREADY FLAWLESS.

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