New Song: Robin Thicke Featuring Lil Wayne, 'Pretty Lil' Heart'

Credit: Getty Images

We don't throw around the term "panty-dropper" very often. Occasionally we use it with Usher, every now and then with Trey Songz, but almost always do we feel the need to use this term when describing the smooth and hypnotic vocals of Robin Thicke.

Robin's forthcoming LP Love After War is slated for release Dec. 6, and while we assume the disc will feature sweet, retro-tinged baby-making music, Mr. Thicke has called upon his homie Lil Wayne to add some hip-hop street cred to "Pretty Lil' Heart." (Actually, Lil Wayne's verse is kinda panty-droppy, too!) In a slow and steady swag, Weezy gets his rhyme game on: "She says she loves me/I'm convinced/I don't need a rocket scientist/To see that you and I are meant/I meant to tell you/You the reason I smile more."

Robin Thicke's verse follows Wayne, and within five seconds it's clear this dude is absolutely slaying the pop vocals game to death right now: "Tell me that I'm sexy/Like I was before/Tell me that I got it/That you want it even more/Tell me that you'll never/Ever leave me side/Tell me cause you know/I need to hear it every night." We need to keep this post SFW and everything, but suffice it to say that if you serenade me like that, Robin Thicke, I'll basically tell you any damn thing you want. Hint, hint.

+ Listen to Robin Thicke featuring Lil Wayne, "Pretty Lil' Heart."