Watch An Exclusive 'Breaking Dawn' Preview Before Tonight's 'MTV First: Twilight: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1'

You'd cry, too, if your beautiful, stubborn daughter was about to marry an intelligent, mercurial, some would say possessive young man who also happens to be a vampire. But a "good," gentle vampire, not the scary Bram Stoker types. A measured vampire who keeps his carnal lust in check. See? Happy day, happy wedding! Which is why Bella's mom's got the waterworks on, and she's about to ruin perfectly good mascara in this exclusive MTV News clip from "Breaking Dawn."

Watch this exclusive "MTV First: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1" sneak peek to see Bella's mom get misty-eyed over the soon-to-be new Mrs. Cullen, and whatever you do, don't miss tonight's "MTV First: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1" at 7:56 p.m ET on MTV for an extended look at a never-before-seen "Breaking Dawn" scene, introduced by Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, who'll be answering questions with MTV News' Josh Horowitz on

+ 'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Teaser: