Mandy Moore's CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED CLASSIC 'Candy' Gets A Pop-Up Video!

Mandy Moore has come a long way since her debut single "Candy," but it doesn't mean that it's still not one of my all-time favorite songs and videos (no irony, guys). From the old-school wraparound headphones to the user-friendly choreography to the fact that Mandy Moore is seriously like, the prettiest person on the planet, the 1999 video remains lodged in my memory and my iPod. Haters, step aside.

And now, thankfully, the geniuses over at "Pop Up Video" have given Mandy's classic their famous bubbly treatment! In the "Candy" Pop Up, we learn that Mandy wasn't actually driving that so 2000s green Volkswagon Beetle, she had never French-kissed a boy, and it was over 90 degrees the day they shot the parking lot dancing scene. We also learn that this song never gets old. Again, haters, you know where to go. (Although I seriously doubt anyone could even contemplating hating Mandy Moore.)

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