Star Spotting: Selena Gomez Should SERIOUSLY Be A Leg Model

Credit: Pacific Coast News

It feels weird to say what we're about to say because we like to imagine Selena Gomez as our sweet and innocent 19-year-old little sister, but at least it's legal -- DA-YUM. Girl is looking FLAT. OUT. FOIYNNNNE!  One day she's all huh-dorable with her dog, and the next she goes and sprouts some serious stems. Her hidden smirk totally says: "Thanks, growth spurt! I owe you one." Guys, if this isn't reason enough to start a chewable Flintstone vitamin regimen at a early age, we just can't offer much more.

The "Who Says" singer was snapped leaving a salon in West Hollywood looking fresh-tah-death in a silver minidress, fitted leather jacket and strappy heels on feet connected to what seem to be the longest legs in the world. We're just hoping this is one of the outfits homegirl plans on flaunting at the 2011 MTV EMAs this weekend in Ireland. How do they say "nice legs" across the pond, again? Oh, yeah: FINNNNNNE.