Britney Spears And Her New Robot Friend (PHOTO)

Credit: @britneyspears

Britney Spears has an all-access pass to pretty much anyone in the biz, but even the pop princess still gets a little starstruck once in a while. Take, for instance, when she recently got to meet Dumper, the adorable robot mascot over at Pop Justice. Brit tweeted yesterday, "At last, I met !" along with the smiley pic. The pint-size assistant has had the pleasure of meeting all kinds of famous folk and even writes a column about his/her/its (?) experiences. Yes, this tin can has a cooler job than you.

Judging by the ginormous smile on the "Criminal" singer's face, meeting the recyclable made her day. What a great week -- first she got to "perform" with Joe Jonas on stage (read: she gave him a lap dance), and now she gets to meet the infamous little machine. The future is here, guys. Sure, it starts out all cute -- talking cell phones, GPS guides -- and then BEEP BOP BOOP, inanimate objects are stealing photo opps with Britney Spears. It should have been us! We have a pulse!