New Video: Kaiser Chiefs, 'Kinda Girl You Are'

Credit: Getty Images

I thought it was only in my fantasies that Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga were besties who ran around the city like bosses doing whatever they pleased. But this very scenario appears to be the Kaiser Chiefs' fantasy, too! Small world, guys.

Though we kinda wish they had the clout to get the real thing (because DUH, that would be the best video on the planet), the Kaiser Chiefs hired pop star impersonators for their new video "Kinda Girl You Are." And they actually look damn good! Faux Gaga rocks some red assless chaps and Gaga's signature hair bow, while fake Brit pays homage to the real one by working her signature fedora moment. And Faux Bey channels the real Bey in a sparkly jacket reminiscent of her beyond-fierce look at this year's Glastonbury festival.

After admiring their spot-on outfits for a while, the trio of fake pop stars steal a car and drive around recklessly, smiling and laughing at everyone they see. They make a quick pit stop at a grocery store before the girls eventually end up on a crowded city block, where they have a slight altercation with a Christina Aguilera look-a-like (!!!) random blonde girl. Fake pop stars gone wild!

I would like to thank the Kaiser Chiefs as the "Kinda Girl You Are" video has been extremely helpful in bringing me one step closer to my dream of seeing my top three favesies becoming IRL best friends. I know it'll happen one day -- keep the faith!

+ Watch Kaiser Chiefs' "Kinda Girl You Are" video.