Rihanna Brings Us Into The Future In Her Computer Animated Nivea Ad (VIDEO)

Credit: Getty Images

It's OK if you're completely a little perplexed after watching this thing because it seriously took me about five spins through Rihanna's new interactive Nivea ad to kind of, sort of, a little bit understand what the hell is going on. But here is what we do know: Rihanna is a spokesperson for Nivea cream (easy enough to understand). To get the entire female population addicted to moisturizer "create engaging digital advertising experiences," Nivea has developed an interactive, Rihanna-themed app using a technology called "augmented reality." From what I can tell -- I got a C in computer science, y'all, so bare with me -- augmented reality is a simulated view of an existing environment where the elements are animated by computer generated images... or something.

In case none of the above mumbo jumbo makes any sense, here's the situation in simple terms: Buy a tin of Nivea cream, hold it up to your computer's webcam and BAM -- there will appear the gorgeous (and obviously smooth-skinned) Rihanna twirling among a sea of feathers as she sings her hit "California King Bed." No worries if you don't feel like running to your nearest drugstore for some Nivea cream, either. Magically, you can also go to Nivea's website and print a "free tin" for the same effect!

Fine, we're still a little bit confused as to how this all works. But hey, we're just gonna go with the flow, because when else will you get to PRINT OUT A REAL, LIVE RIHANNA FROM YOUR COMPUTER? I rest my case.

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