Ciara's 'Like A Boy' Video Gets A Pop Up Video

She's been gone for too long; now it's time to bring it back -- in a Pop Up Video!

R&B princess CiCi got the good ol' bubble treatment for "Like A Boy," her gender-bending 2007 ode to switching up her role and sticking it to all the no-good cheaters and liars out there. Way before she became a "Go Girl" with T-Pain, Ci was busy boy-ing it up and bending over backwards in this Diane Martel-directed video.

Grab your Atlanta Braves hat, pull up your pants (just like 'em) and make sure your local chiropractor is on speed dial: It's time to re-explore "Like A Boy."

+ Check out Ciara's "Like A Boy" Pop Up Video below, and read our favorite facts about the clip after the jump! Don't miss "Pop Up Video" on VH1, Wednesdays at noon and 12:30 p.m. ET, and make your own Pop Up Video!

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1.) Her onscreen boyfriend is played by NFL running back Reggie Bush, also known as Kim Kardashian's ex. (Well, one of them.) Topical!

2.) Ciara apparently wants to be a combination of P. Diddy and Oprah. Not entirely sure what the product of that duo would be exactly, but we're guessing there'd be a lot of inspirational yelling involved.

3.) Her backup dancers channeled their male alter egos by dressing up as the men who broke their hearts...

4.) ...Including CiCi apparently. That's according to her ex Bow Wow, who she broke up with shortly before filming this clip. Judging by that side-to-side picture comparison, we think he might have a point. Awkward!

5.) The singer's legendary backbend (which she flaunted last year in "Gimmie Dat") was inspired by "The Matrix" -- and all without any wires or camera tricks. That's right, Ciara is The One!