Star Spotting: Selena Gomez's Puppy Love

Credit: @selenagomez

We thought our adorable meter broke into tiny pieces when Selena Gomez introduced us to her and Justin Bieber's new pup Baylor. But girl upped the ante when she recently posted a photo on Twitter of her getting some serious puppy smooches. Hey, when you're touring and away from your boyfriend for so long, you make do. It beats that dead fish kiss from your body pillow, amirite?! #TMI

In celebration of wrapping up her Canadian tour, the "Who Says" singer and her pooch shared a peck before heading back to L.A. just in time to join Justin and celebrate his newly released holiday album, Under The Mistletoe. It's good to know that their little family will all be in one place, especially with the holidays rolling around. And judging by Justin's gigantic Christmas spirit lately, maybe we can expect the ULTIMATE adorable photo in the near future: a Bieber/Gomez family Christmas card (Baylor included)? Yo guys, how do I get on your mailing list?