New Video: JoJo, 'Disaster'

Credit: Getty Images

If we've learned anything about JoJo over the last few months, it's that girl looks really good on camera. Her hair alone is flawless. Plus, all those recent behind-the-scenes personal tour diaries she's offered fans prepared her to portray ultimate vulnerability in her newest music video "Disaster."

The Benny Boom-directed clip features a confident JoJo starring straight at the camera while montages of her with her "boyfriend" in intimate moments weave in and out. At first the pair looks happy while getting cozy and kissy-face-y on the couch, but as the song progresses so does the tension. Shots catch the singer and her dude arguing outside the club and at home. The guy even smashes a fancy-looking glass sculpture in a fit of rage! Eventually he takes off on his motorcycle leaving a broken-hearted JoJo behind. Who does that -- you break it, you buy it, duh.

We just want to offer JoJo a gigantic hug and take her out for some ice cream -- everyone knows ice cream fixes broken glass decor hearts. But it seems like she figures things out and cuts ties with the dude herself: "Watching it all fall to the ground/No happy ending, just disaster." Psh, his loss. Besides, no one deserves a homewrecker (literally!). Interior decorating is so expensive.

+ Watch JoJo's "Disaster" video.